Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New in AD


  • deprecated now built into UI
  • adprep and other showstioppers handled in pre-requisites checks.
  • /unattended:<file> - custom files for installations

ADAM: UI improvements, PS History

AD recycle bin UI -done forest -wide.  Once enabled, it can't be disabled and requires all DC to be refreshed.

From ADAC 

From Powershell

To restore from recycle bin - restores all attributes

Activation via AD - no need to activate wuth KMS server but now with AD

Dynamic access control improvements

Virtualizing DCs - fixed issues with reverting to snapshots caused AD sync issue.

UI for fine grained PW - seperate passord policy within single domain

Flexible and secure tunneling

ADFS included

Domain join via direct access

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