Friday, January 2, 2015

scope of management

very important. understand precedence and inhertiacne and where to apply it.

Keep them separate ,possibly same OU in very small office

  • user config  applies to  only user OU
  • computer config applies to only computer OU 

multiple group policies often apply

  • settings are cumulative
  • conflcits: last policy wins
    • if user and computer policy conflict .  Computer policy wins
processing order
  • local default - site - domain - OU - OU
    • cumulative and last policy for conflicts wins

security filtering - utilize the OU flow to apply the policies.

Group policy results - to help in determining how policies are being applied

example use is for proxy server setting to use for a specific site

link gpo to sites.

in GPMC must display sites first

Making security exceptions

 adding additional security permissions for user is limited if not using advanced settings to configure permissions.

advanced settings allows for granular permissions and allow denying of policy.  Deny overrides other permissions.

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