Friday, January 2, 2015

Security templates

pre-configured settings for "security settings" (.inf)

  • workstaion, domain controller, etc

apply to single or multiple machines

apply to locally or gpo to AD


  • account policies
  • local policies
  • event log
  • restricted groups
  • system services
  • registry
  • file system

configuration using these tools

  • gpo - 
    • can import using INF 
  • secedit.exe
  • security config + analysis  and security templates console
  • security compliance manager (download)

security configuration and analysis - load into MMC

  • compares local system with security setting in INF (download)

creates a database to store the local security settings

INF file to compare with the local security

 perform comparison

results that don't match up

apply the changes in INF to the local security policy to match up

create own INF with desired security settings and import into running policy

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